Drills, procedures, and students! Oh, my!

Today was the day.

The halls were crowded and noisy. Excitement and drowsiness was in the air. 1st period was rough. I had yet to get my footing, but as the day progressed, I felt more grounded and confident in myself. I went from reading off of a sheet of paper to making eye contact and moving about the room as a spoken. I’ll admit — it wasn’t easy. I could feel the sweat forming on my hands and my voice wavered. But I just kept swimming.

We went through fire and tornado drills, school and classroom procedures, and our first assignment. Time flew by. Before I knew it, we were half way done and I felt like I had only blinked. I am in my element. My calling.

I recognize that there will be bad days. On those days, I can look back on this entry and remember why I am here.

I will be that teacher that leaves a lasting impact. I will do my very best for every student.


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