The first full week

The first week really wasn’t too exciting. When each period goes over rules and procedures, by the time the day is done most students are checked out. With all of the housekeeping taken care of, today we dived into what we would be doing for this first unit.

Science. What is it? What is a scientist? What does it mean to do science? We asked all of this and more of the students. Some had ideas; others were reluctant to share or questioned themselves. Not yet settled into a groove, we were all still a little shy and unsure of ourselves. However, as the day progressed, myself and the students began to sink into our comfort zones.

I tried not to press them too far or ask too much since we are only just beginning. They did well for day one of the material and I have begun to feel better about what is expected of me. My CF is great about letting me observe the first couple of periods then jump in as the day goes on. I think we have begun to find a rhythm.


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