Work Hard and Be Kind

That’s the motto here at NMS.

Each morning, announcements are read and students are reminded that they should work hard and be kind to one another. I honestly really like this motto. I usually do like Dory and “just keep swimming.” But this new motto has grown on me — especially after today.

In second period, I was delighted by the act of kindness I witnessed. A student was busy trying to write down the definitions and examples that we were going over for vocab. Neither my CF nor I had noticed that she was writing with a highlighter. They aren’t the easiest things to see words with. The student in front of this girl raised her hand and I went to her. She said, “She needs a pencil.” I looked back and there she was, scrabbling to write the words in highlighter. I quickly said, “Thank you so much for pointing that out. I’ll go grab one.” Without drawing attention to the girl with the highlighter, I gave her a pencil and told her that she could use it. She gratefully took it. As I walked back down the rows, I smiled at that kind and considerate girl and she returned the favor.

In that moment, I felt hope for a great year and made note of that kindness. It is amazing how big a difference it can make if you are simple nice to others. I won’t forget that.


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