Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…

Today was egg drop project day!

The students were asked to use what they knew about gravity and friction to create a parachute apparatus to slow down the fall of an egg. They sure did a splendid job!

We had some simple ones and some that were complex to the point of struggling with weight.

Students used cotton balls, spray foam insulation, peanut butter, wash clothes, and all sorts of interesting ideas to cushion the egg so it would not break. Some worked, some didn’t — and that is okay!

Students used plastic bags, small linens, and even umbrellas to try to slow the fall of their egg. Some worked, some didn’t — still totally awesome!

I was so proud of these students for having put in the extra work outside of class to build their cool apparatuses. It was fun and they understood the concepts we were covering. What a great time we had!


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