Halloween pranks with Newton!

Some kids really love to prank other kids. Halloween is a great time of year for good, friendly fun. Trick or treat, and today was the trick. I planned a lesson for 3rd period to create an apparatus that would launch a spider 3 meters to hit their friend that is terribly afraid of spiders. The catch was that they had to explain how they had used 2 of Newton’s 3 laws of motion to create the launcher.

Before we knew it, spiders were flying everywhere. We had some incredibly elaborate designs…and we had some simple, to-the-point designs. Either way, every group was successful in launching the spider across the room, even further than required.

I have glanced over the handouts that they had to fill in and justify their use of the laws. So far, it looks like they have them pretty well figured out and they definitely had a great time doing it!


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