Trash Ball – Everyone’s favorite way to review!

When I was in 8th grade, I had a fantastic science teacher. He was personable. He was interesting. He was fun! As a pre-service teacher, I strive to be a lot like my most inspiring teachers. He was one of them. In his class, we played a game of Trash Ball the day before the test.

He would separate the class into two teams. They lined up and the first person in line was asked a review question. If they answered correctly, they got a point and then tried to make a basket for a bonus point.

I tried this game out today in my CF’s classroom. The students were so excited they could barely contain themselves. I really enjoyed seeing how well they did and how they would help each other. It is my hope that this will have helped them on the exam on Monday. It is unfortunate that there is the weekend in between but only time will tell… I hope we can continue this fun review game in the future! I will definitely be using review games when I have my own classroom.


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