Hello! My name is Jessica Fromholz-Smith. Here is a little more about me.


My husband, Camren, and my daughter, Gabby, are two of the most important people in my life.

I love sharing the world of biology with them, including our adventures in herpetology with this young bullfrog. It was the first one Gabby ever got to touch, and we will have many more adventures to come!

I love to be outside and in the presence of nature, especially animal-related nature. We live on a farm that my family has spent several generations on. It is a magical place with lots of wildlife to be experienced and it fostered my love for biology.



As I grew up, my love for biology and animals only grew. We have a few pets of our own and we also
rehabilitated and rehomed a few. Our first successful rescue was of some dogs that originally belonged to my grandfather before he passed away. One of the three was placed into a home while the other two are getting to live out their lives on the farm. The next case was of two small dogs that had been abandoned and in really poor shape when we found them. We brought them home and rehabilitated them. They both found wonderful homes to live out their lives in. Lastly, the little lab mix was found in the cold of winter. He was a young puppy and it took little time to find him a great family with young children to play with. Below you will find the before and after pictures for each of these great animals!


The only pets that I have good pictures of are Jake and Fable. Jake is a spoiled rotten dachshund beagle mix and loves my daughter, Gabby, dearly. Fable is an energetic corgi beagle mix that loves to run and play all day long. She and Gabby will have lots of fun together as they get older.



With my love for animals, I have had multiple opportunities to be involved as an animal advocate and work with animals. I held a position at the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) in Muncie and worked with its found Terri Panzi. I worked during what is called “Kitten Season” at the facility. This is a time in which the intake of kittens as surrendered animals is at its highest. Due to my experience there, I became and advocate for proper control of animal populations. Without management of the numbers of animals, the facility and others that are impacted run low on the necessary resources to care for these unwanted animals. I take time to explain to pet owners the importance of spaying and neutering their animals to prevent over-population and the limiting of resources necessary to sustain life. Pictured are a couple of images from the building I worked in with the cat residents at ARF.


Due to my relationship with ARF, I was given the opportunity to work at Boyce Animal Hospital which is located just down the road from the ARF facility. There I have worked as kennel attendant previously and a veterinary assistant presently. It has not only given me the ability to continue adding to my knowledge about animals but also to apply from of the skills and concepts that I have learned in my undergraduate career. I have worked with microscopes to identify parasites. I have also been lucky enough to sit in and assist with a cesarean section of a bulldog. It was a very tedious procedure and not something that was 11346_10202791238533398_8784263695015514424_nrarely experienced in a clinic of this nature. I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn and develop my skills in biology through this outlet. We successfully delivered five puppies.
Due to the complications often accompanied with this breed, having all five puppies survive was a great accomplishment for Dr. Boyce and
our team.

This past year, I also had the opportunity to take a wildlife biology course that put me out in the field learning more about the biology of the environment and the animals that inhabit it. Dr. Carter is a very knowledgeable wildlife biologist to work with. He is currently working with other biologists to save the bats; I have included a link to his work here. My class spent time mist netting birds to perform bird counts for the state. We also took a weekend trip to Goosepond Nature Reserve. We caught and saw a lot of different animals during that semester and learned a lot about the biology of those animals.

With all of this talk about biology and animals, that is not all that I am passionate about. I absolutely love to learn and by utilizing many different avenues. I enjoy attending festivals and reenactments, even participating whenever I am able. I am looking forward to beginning the tradition of being in the 1812 War Reenactment in Marion, IN. It has always been a favorite of mine and I have friends that play a role in it every year. Below is one of the actors and my daughter from the 2015 year.

I enjoy traveling and adding to my experiences. I studied four years of French in high school and told myself that I would visit France someday to see all of the sights, including the garden of Claude Monet, my favorite painter. In July 2014, my husband and I did. We had no guidance other than a map once we landed in Paris, France. It was an adventure not knowing where we were at all times and hearing dozens of different languages. We road le Metro and walked to most places, visiting as much as we could in a week. We watched the people sitting by la Seine eating cheese and baguettes into the wee hours of the night. We were also lucky enough to be there during le Tour de France, the very end of it. This was amazing to me because my grandfather and I had bicycled a lot when I was growing up on the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA). I plan to start that tradition with our children so that they can see the interesting places that Ohio has to offer. At the end of our trip, my husband surprised me with the trip to Claude Monet’s g
arden. It was outside of Paris so we had to arrange transportation, but it was more than worth it. It was a beautiful place and a beautiful adventure that I plan to revisit someday.

I also love to read. I read a lot of different books. I started out on books that were animal related, like Black Beauty and Secretariat. However, I grew to enjoy Stephen King’s writing and a lot of classics like The Great Gatsby, Great Expectations, The Scarlet Letter, Lord of the Flies, and so on. Due to this love for reading, I also grew to love writing including short stories, poems, and journalism. In my free time, I like to entertain myself with some science-related jokes. A couple of my favorites are included here.12670370_10205986301287970_5949822211110759107_nCheesy-Biology-Jokes-05

Whenever I struggle with a topic, I always find it helpful to find some humor in the situation. Little jokes, or memes, helped me really relieve the stress that often comes with learning. Because some topics are easier to learn than others. Because sometimes it is important to find the humor in the strangest of places.

As the years go by, my love for all of these things grows and grows. I will never stop learning and trying out new experiences. I intend to foster that life-long desire for learning in my children and my students. Learning lights the torch for all other endeavors, whether it is music or math, baseball or biology. Without learning, what are you doing?